Dojo Workplace Transformation

Plan for the future

Rethink the future of your workplace. AI improves performance and makes the most out of every square foot.  Achieve the perfect harmony between people, operations, and workplace strategy. 

·   Advanced analytics
·   Rich data integrations
·   Space planning & test fitting
·   Strategy customization

Data-driven insights

Dojo’s patent-pending scoring methodology consists of 9 research-based metrics across the following categories: collaboration, individual productivity, wellness, and space efficiency.  

Quantifying each aspect of the workplace makes it more straightforward to understand and prioritize the trade-offs between different business objectives.

“What we found with Dojo was a way out: a way to use AI to create continuous actionable insights to make our physical space as dynamic and collaborative as the industry we occupy.”

 — Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath CEO —

Algorithmic design

​Dojo’s proprietary library of ‘building blocks’ - sourced from an ever-increasing foundation of hundreds of office layouts - enables the platform to quantify and benchmark workplaces.

Algorithms evaluate thousands of options in order to create new workplace layouts or adaptively optimize existing offices. 

Take the guesswork out of designing an office.

Have a plan for every scenario

Dojo Return to Office

A one-stop-shop platform for companies wanting to re-open the office safely and efficiently. 


Dojo AI & Analytics

Navigate the complexity of staggered schedules, shifting seating charts, safe shared spaces, and WFH policies.




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“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

- Winston Churchill, October 1943

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