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Dojo Return to Office

Reopen safely and efficiently

Dojo’s Return to Office platform includes interactive distance planning, contact tracing & analytics, a mobile app experience for employees, FAQs & signage templates, and more.

Get started with just a floorplan.

·   Distance planning
·   BackTrack contact tracing
·   Employee screening (HIPAA-Compliant)
·   Occupancy analytics
·   Employee mobile app
·   Covid Aerosol Diagnostics Tool

Distance Planning 

Dojo’s interactive seating platform enables you to efficiently reconfigure your workplace while automatically implementing CDC distancing guidelines. Collaborate with department leaders to plan daily or weekly staggered shifts, explore phasing, and assess potential hazards.

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“I used to plan our office on a printed PDF by hand. I am so excited to throw away the markers.”

— Ellen Smith, Chief of Staff —

Contact Tracing

Data-driven contact tracing to help keep employees and their families safe should someone get sick. Dojo’s BackTrack algorithm uses AI to automatically identify other employees who are potentially at risk by scanning through possible transmission touchpoints in the office and analyzing meeting calendar & building access data.

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Occupancy Analytics

Monitor density and occupancy - understand occupancy levels and space use in real time using sensors or digital data. Ensure that teams are maintaining safety precautions, whether your company is following a staggered schedule or allowing for employee flexibility.

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Employee Experience

Send clear communications and directions with the Dojo mobile app (iOS and Android) to enable a seamless transition back. Allow for employee screening through HIPAA-compliant questionnaires and easy response analysis. 

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How Dojo works

Have a plan for every scenario

Dojo AI & Analytics

Navigate the complexity of staggered schedules, shifting seating charts, safe shared spaces, and WFH policies.


Dojo Workplace Transformation

Rethink the future of your workplace. AI improves performance and helps you make the most of every square foot.

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