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Seeing family this Thanksgiving? 7 tips to stay safe


This Thanksgiving is going to look and feel very different. No matter how you and your loved ones plan to celebrate, here are some tips from aerosol expert Dr. Shelly Miller of the University of Colorado to help everyone stay safe. (Original blog post from Dr. Miller here.)

1. Reduce exposure time – hang out for one hour instead of three.

2. Schedule social time when you can do it outside, maybe on a slightly warmer day with hot apple cider.

3. Increase ventilation by cracking open a few windows. The bigger the opening the better. Yes you will be wasting heat, but it is what we need to do hopefully in the short term to stay safer.

YouTube Channel: Indoor Chem

4. As a last resort, turn on exhaust fans in your bathrooms and kitchen; these actions increase infiltration of outside air into your home. But make sure you have a window/door open for the make-up air. It is possible if you don’t that the make-up air will come from your combustion sources possibly contributing CO to the air quality in your home (and make sure you have a CO detector).

5. Supplement with an appropriately sized air cleaner or two or three. Run your whole-house furnace to recirculate the indoor air through a filter.

6. Socially distance when you are visiting a friend’s home and wear your mask while talking.

7. Stay educated on the risks - and methods of prevention this year. Disinfecting surfaces and keeping the home clean may not be enough to keep you safe. Check out Dr. Miller's video on the transmission of respiratory infectious diseases below:

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Special thanks to Dr. Shelly Miller for this content - the goal this holiday is to stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!

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