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How Can Simple Badge Swipe Analytics and Smart Solutions Improve Office Efficiency?

Let's talk about making your office cooler with badge swipes.

Ever wondered how to make your office run smoother? Well, big names like Amazon and Google are using something as simple as badge swipes to figure it out. They track who's coming in and out and use this info to make the office better for everyone. And with tools like Dojo, it’s like giving your office a brain upgrade.

What’s the Big Deal with Badge Swipes?

Using badge swipe analytics is like having x-ray vision for your office. You get to see which spots are hot and which are not. This means you can make smarter choices about where people work or hang out, making sure there’s space for everyone without cramming desks together. The days of the cubicle farm are behind us.

Employees swiping into office building

Real Talk: Examples That Work

Amazon and Google aren’t just talking the talk; they’re walking the walk. Amazon uses tools not just to count badge swipes but also check bookings and see if people are actually using the desks and rooms they reserve. Google uses similar data to make their office a place where you’d actually want to spend your day, setting up cool work areas and chill zones based on what people really use.

Facing the Facts: Not Everything Is Perfect

Here’s the thing, though: not everyone remembers to swipe in and out all the time. So, relying only on badge swipes isn't foolproof. That's where Dojo comes in, mixing badge data with other smart office gadgets like your favorite reservations software (think SpaceIQ or Robin) to fill in the gaps and give a complete picture.

Beyond Badge Swipe Analytics: The Full Kit

Just counting swipes isn’t enough. To really get your office humming, you need to think about everything from where people work to how they work. Using Dojo as a Workplace Optimization tool along with other smart tools like Robin or Archibus can help you understand your office like never before, making sure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. We’re talking about analyzing space utilization, collaboration, occupancy, office design - the whole picture.

Dojo's badge swipe analytics and reservations report

Looking Ahead: The Office of the Future

So, what’s the bottom line? Using badge swipes and tools like Dojo is a game-changer for making offices more efficient and a better place to work. Companies that get on board with these smart solutions, incorporating Workplace Analytics, Employee Engagement tools, and smart Workplace Management Solutions, will be the ones leading the way in making workspaces that not only work well but are places people actually want to be.

You have to make your space work for you - it's time to get back to the office, but better.


Co-Authored by Elizabeth Perry and Guy Vardi

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