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Our team compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions and mini-tutorials to explain some of the ways you can maximize the features on our platform. From how to assign employees to desks -  to using the scheduler feature, use the table of contents below to find the answers to your questions.

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  • Assigning Employee Seats
    1. Click onto your Workplace Explorer to view your floor plan. Hover over a seat to access the Assign Seat function. In the pop-up window use Assign to confirm the placement. 2. You can also search for a specific employee using the Search Bar in the Org Explorer - Table View.
  • Adding Employees to Schedule, Department, or Cluster"
    1. Hovering over an assigned seat where an employee is listed will make the Edit Person function visible from the Assign Seat/Assign Placeholder menu. Add whatever schedule, department assignments, or clusters name or information in the each labeled section (ie- A, B, 1 , 2 or Accounting, Finance etc.). 2. To bulk edit schedules, department assignments, or clusters, under Org Explorer - Table View, select the boxes to the left of employee email in the company directory (or select all) and change their schedule assignment with the Edit feature that will pop up on the top left side.
  • Create a New Schedule
    1. To start a new schedule, head to the Org Explorer > People Directory and edit one person you'd like to assign the schedule to. 2. Add the schedule name to the Schedule section, click okay, and save. 3. Next, head to Workplace Explorer > My Workplace > Scheduler to assign the schedule to dates. 4. On the Scheduler, select the new schedule name from the dropdown, click the dates that you'd like to assign, and save. . 5. Lastly, don't forget to head back to the Org Explorer > People Directory to assign staff to your new schedule!
  • Filtering Employees by Schedule, Department, or Cluster"
    1. On the left side, view the Filter by drop down menu and select schedules department, or cluster. There will be a drop down menu displaying the selected (and visible) information on that floor. To hide - deselect the boxes you desire. 2. Select Clear to remove all visible options (shown as grey boxes), and Select All to restore all selections.
  • Make a Copy of a Seating Chart
    1. To create alternate seating charts, finish making changes to the employees assigned on the floor and view the bottom of the Workplace Explorer page; instead of Save select Save a Copy, change the name and select Save. 2. The new copy of the seating chart will now be accessible at the top of the page as a new Scenario. Toggle through your scenarios to view different seating arrangements by clicking the drop down icon.
  • View and Edit the Company Directory
    1. To access the company directory select Org Explorer, and Table View. 2. This will bring you to a list of employees, you can select all with the top left box, make edits, and add (through Add Person) or delete employees here. 3. Select Export at the top of the page to download a copy of the updated directory as a .CSV excel file.
  • Change Office Floor - How to change your floor view
    1. If your plans include multiple floors, on the left side of the screen in the Workplace Explorer view, select the drop down menu under Floor to select the desired floor plan.
  • Using the Scheduler - If Mobile App seat assignments are not showing
    1. On the Workplace Explorer page, view the top right and select the Scheduler. Once all of your employees are assigned to seats and schedules, the Scheduler will allow you to assign days to each schedule and when/how they will appear. 2. Select the schedule to assign or remove at the top of the scheduler window (the schedule color assignment will appear as a colored circle). Click the date once to assign the schedule - double click to remove the assignment. 3. As an important note: The Inspire App will not show seat assignments or schedule information until individuals are assigned to a schedule, the Scheduler is updated for the days those schedules are assigned, and the saved data is sent to Publish to Mobile.
  • Fileshare Floor Plan Quality
    1. High Quality: Plans with the following level of detail are highly recommended to include in the Box Fileshare as a PDF or CAD file. The scaled plan must contain: Detailed furniture information Additional labeling 2. Here is a snippet of a high quality plan for reference:
  • Change Project/Office View - How to view different offices
    1. If your company plans include multiple offices, in the Workplace Explorer view on the left side of the screen, select the drop down menu to the right of the Dojo logo to select the desired office for viewing.
  • Add People/Bulk Upload - How to add a few/many people to Dojo
    1. If your company plans to add new employees, in the Org Explorer - Table view on the right side of the screen, select the Add Person function to add a new employee into the system. 2. To bulk upload new people to the platform, select Uploads on the right side of the screen. Select people_data.csv and edit the .csv file to reflect the new additions, then select Update file. Upload this new copy of your data and the additional employees will now be added to your company directory and ready for assignment.
  • Use the COVID-19 Short-Range (Distancing) Feature
    1. From the Workplace Explorer > My Workplace page, select COVID-19 Short-Range (Distancing) from the Select Tool drop down. 2. Choose your Social Distancing parameters (i.e. Disable non-compliant seat assignments and Exclude fully vaccinated employees), set your Minimum Distance, andCalculate Hazards. 3. Review hazards and reassign seats/schedules as necessary.
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