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Dojo Vax Pack

How do you make a plan so your employees feel safe?

Make your company’s COVID data actionable with Dojo

Let’s get real - planning your return to the office is going to be tough. Telling your employees to come back “because management says so'' isn't going to cut it. If you go that route, you’re going to end up with miserable employees - or churn.


It may be important for management to have their teams under the same roof, but employee safety comes first. How would your team answer these questions?


  • How are you collecting and utilizing employee vaccination status?

  • How are you taking into account unvaccinated employees?

  • Are your employees confident in the safety of your office?


If you’re a responsible employer, then your company will be able to say that they’ve mitigated the major risks associated with COVID-19 before employees set foot back in the office. Make sure you've checked all the boxes by checking out our Dojo Vax Pack.

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How can Dojo Help?

Dojo makes your data actionable

It’s great that you’ve taken a survey on employee opinion and collected vaccination data, but then what? That’s where we step in.


Whether it be implementing flexible solutions like Reservations, or automatically generating COVID compliant seating based on vaccination status, Dojo helps turn your data into a tangible return to office plan. No spreadsheets, no guessing.


Click here to view Dojo’s Vax Pack - a collection of vaccination information you need to know before heading back to the office.

Vax Pack
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