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How one NYC company brought employees back safely and efficiently


“I used to plan our office on a printed PDF by hand. I am so excited to throw away the markers.”

Ellen Smith

Chief of Staff 

“What we found with Dojo was a way out: a way to use AI to create continuous actionable insights to make our physical space as dynamic and collaborative as the industry we occupy.”

Joe Zawadzki

Chief Operating Officer

“Dojo helped us make our new office an inclusive environment that could accommodate a variety of work styles, from collaboration to quiet focus”

Danielle Zellman

Employee Experience Manager

“Dojo’s Return to Office tools have enabled us to quickly and safely bring back our workforce, while preparing a strategy for the months to come.”

Dino Fusco

Chief Operating Officer

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“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

- Winston Churchill, October 1943

7 World Trade Center

New York City

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