What is Dojo?

Dojo gives families the tools they need to teach financial literacy to children today.

The Financial Literacy Deficit

The world has moved away from cash, but family banking hasn’t.  Kids are left unbanked or underbanked, and most youth accounts lack the standard of online access and payment options adults take for granted.

The result: Children are locked-out of the fastest growing parts of the economy, away from their preferred retailers, and denied the practical hands-on learning that is vital to financial literacy.

It Takes a Village.

And their Financial Institution.

If we’re serious about making the next generation better at managing money, we need to have all stakeholders at the table. Dojo helps parents, kids and financial institutions come together using today’s technology.

Dojo’s teachable moments platform provides a gamified experience to teach Money-Smart lessons


Teachable moments provide opportunities for kids and parents to talk to each other about money


Digital allowance allows kids to be independent, track their spending and set savings goals



If your financial institution is ready to help revolutionize the next generation of financial literacy, schedule a demo today and let our team show you Dojo’s full functionality.

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