6 Easy Things a Child Can Do To Earn Their Own Money

6 Easy Things a Child Can Do To Earn Their Own Money


When it comes to saving up for a favorite toy or simply wanting more pocket money or allowance, kids will have a variety of reasons to earn more money for themselves. With your support and guidance, you can help them find income streams that work for their personality and talents. Along the way, you will find that this will be a learning and growing experience for everyone.

  1. Get Creative
    If your child is artistic and loves to create, they may want to find a way to use that to earn extra money. This might be setting up an art table (in lieu of a lemonade stand) on the front lawn or finding ways to digitally sell their handiwork. For older kids, this could include working with you to set up an Etsy account or have their artwork printed on T-shirts or mugs and sold through a website like CafePress.
  2. Additional Help Around The House
    A weekly allowance is an individual and personal thing that each family creates for their household. One great idea is to create a job board for additional help that is needed around the house. If your household has weekly chores, these jobs would be available on top of the usual to-do list. By posting a few jobs with a dollar amount to be earned, kids will be able to see what work they can do and a clear understanding of what they will earn. If there is a specific item they are saving for, you can use this method to help them obtain their goal while also putting in a direct effort to help around the house.
  3. Helping Others
    One great way to encourage kids to earn their own money is to help them look to other people in their life that might need a helping hand. Maybe a neighbor needs their dog walked, or a friend needs help with shoveling snow from their walkway. You can even sit down with your kids and begin a dialogue as to what they are good at and how can that translate into helping someone else. If your daughter is great at coding or building websites, maybe she could tutor another person who wants to learn.
  4. Clean Out Their Closets
    For kids that have outgrown their toys and clothes, there is the opportunity for them to pass items along to other children and make a little money as well. With your guidance, they can sort and itemize what they want to sell, and together you can hold a garage sale, sell it on an auction website like eBay, place it on a buy/sell group on Facebook or list items on Craigslist. It can open up a conversation about passing things down to others, reusing/recycling things and figuring out how to declutter their space.
  5. Develop A Signature Recipe
    If you have a child that loves to experiment in the kitchen, work with them to develop a signature recipe. It could be a baked good, a meal or even a special drink. Then, together, you can come up with ways to have a bake sale, a drink stand or even create a recipe book they can sell to family and neighbors. For those with a green thumb, they could even start a vegetable garden and sell their own produce.
  6. Tap Into Technology
    For some families, technology is a welcome addition to their home. If this fits your family, your kids can earn money by tapping into it. For older kids, this might mean creating a YouTube channel or it might mean creating a blog or website. As every parent knows, this will include some safety oversight from you. Yet, if your child is motivated, you never know what they can create for themselves.

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October 17, 2017