Our Vision

We believe in nurturing what’s important. Dojo exists to make young people better at managing money so they can focus on living life to its fullest.

Teach the next generation how to properly manage money and secure a bright financial future.

Streamline the family economy, making life easier for parents and giving kids access to the everyday banking technologies adults take for granted.

Facilitate meaningful conversations between kids, their families and their banks to help nurture what’s important.

Why We Created Dojo

Like most parents, we began teaching our kids about money the same way our parents taught us:  safe, simple lessons using cash to help learn the value of a dollar in the real world.

We soon realized that our kids weren’t asking us for cash anymore. They always wanted our credit card for an in-app purchase or to buy something online. Cash doesn’t let them participate in the digital economy, and they weren’t learning anything from watching us either – we hardly ever use cash ourselves.

We grew up in an age before Xbox or Amazon, so our generation’s money lessons are completely outdated.

We founded Dojo to give families a safe, secure way to give kids hands-on learning in an increasingly cashless society. We built the tool we wanted for our families, and we believe in making it available to every family that wants it.

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